Using 27MHz frequency to remove all hair types, no matter the color or texture.

This device works twice as fast as any other epilator. It optimizes energy concentration in the hair follicle and the cells that are responsible for hair growth are more rapidly coagulated. The epilator comes with three different modalities; PicoFlash, MultiPlex, Blend. Hanna will use her personal judgement to determine which mode will work best for you.

Mariposa Electrolysis permanent hair removal

I enjoy the process of working with both men and women and the transgender community. Together, we will determine the best treatment options for you! I look forward to meeting you and performing your free 15 minute trial, in helping you on your journey to permanent hair removal.

Hanna Glenn;

Licensed Electrologist

​Permanent Hair Removal in San Diego

After years of time and money spent on temporary hair removal, I found the ultimate solution. Electrolysis has become my permanent remedy to unwanted hair removal. I became a certified, licensed electrolysis practitioner in the state of California to help others with their frustration and insecurity of unwanted hair.

Apilus Platinum Pure

Hanna uses the Apilus Platinum Pure, a 27 MHz epilator developed by Dectro International, the leading innovators in electrolysis equipment. This machine provides the latest technology available on the market. 

Permanent Hair Removal in San Diego